Week 3: Food Clemency

Last week New York Times writer Mark Bittman tweeted a link to an article stating that half of the world’s food supply is thrown away.  While I wasn’t surprised that substantial amounts of food are wasted, I was surprised by the degree.  Personally, I make a conscientious effort not to be wasteful but could certainly do better.  I had this article in mind as I was putting the remainder of last week’s Spicy Eggplant Peanut Soup in the freezer.  While I am very good at eating leftovers from the refrigerator, the freezer is more of a purgatory stop before the landfill.  So, as I was putting my soup to freeze I decided to take inventory and see if I could save anything from the trash heap.  It turns out I had some of my favorite plant based food leftover in the freezer!  Fat Free Vegan, Susan Voisin Beet Balls and Happy, Healthy, Life blogger Kathy Patalsky’s Sweet Potato Burgers.

As a result, Week 3 meal planning focused on using up what I had for lunches and dinners and this week’s new recipes are breakfasts and snacks.  I had beetball sandwiches for lunch with a small side salad.  This was the first time I’ve frozen beet balls and they defrosted really well.  I packed my lunch the night before and let them thaw overnight in the refrigerator, then just microwaved for 30 seconds before making my sandwich.  I then had sweet potato burgers for dinners.  I didn’t have enough for the week so rounded out the week with another favorite go to recipe, Happy Herbivore Lindsay Nixon’s Chickpea Tacos (which I make into burritos).

On to the new recipes!  A native New Yorker I love my bagels for breakfast but will do peanut butter and banana on an English Muffin when I’m trying to be good.  This week I searched through the cookbooks and decided on Forks Over Knives Brown Rice Breakfast Pudding and Everyday Happy Herbivore French Toast Muffins.  The Brown Rice Breakfast Pudding is delicious.  It has no sweeteners and relies on dates, apple, cinnamon and cloves for its’ wonderful flavor.

023I ended up bring the French Toast Muffins in for colleagues to try at work.  At first they were a little too sweet for my taste but I am not a big sweet eater.  I realized they reminded me of the Hostess Crumb Muffins I used to eat as a child.

026Of course by mid-week I was looking for a snack and regretted bringing the muffins to work.  Luckily, Everyday Happy Herbivore also had a recipe for a single, that’s right one, blueberry muffin and I had also found a small bag of blueberries buried in the freezer leftover from summer berry picking.  It was the perfect snack with tea and I now realize why Lindsay notes she developed the recipe so as not to eat the whole pan!

The final recipe of the week was hummus from Happy Herbivore Abroad.  Lindsay’s version cuts out the oil and replaces it with vegetable broth.  The texture is great, you don’t miss the oil at all; I added some roasted red peppers to mine.

024New Foods This Week: Dates, I think.  If I’ve had dates before I wasn’t aware of it; this was my first time using them in a recipe.

New Recipes Made This Week: 4

New Recipe Tally 2013: 13


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