Week 6: All American Veg

It’s been nearly one year since I went plant based!  In honor of the anniversary I plan to sprinkle in some mid-week posts about the journey in addition to these weekend recipe roll calls.  This past week I felt inspired to try for some standard “meat and potato” classic recipes with a plant based twist of course.  I think even the omnivores creeping this blog would admit this plate looks pretty damn good.

No Fu Loaf with HHA Calconnan and Mushroom gravy


I had seen Dreena Burton’s No-Fu loaf recipe online awhile ago and it was lost on my pinterest board awaiting attention until my friend over at The Pink Ticket mentioned making it and reminded me I’d been meaning to give it a go.  Dreena’s cookbooks are next on my purchase list but I’ve told myself no new cookbooks until I get further into the one’s I just received for Christmas.  Luckily, the No-Fu Loaf recipe, originally published in Let Them Eat Vegan, can also be found online.  I paired the loaf with Calconnan and Peppered Mushroom Gravy from Happy Herbivore Abroad.  A simple, delicious meal with whole foods and no oil.

Of course, I didn’t stop with just three new recipes.  I made Forks Over Knives  Minestrone soup for lunches.  My version substituted garbanzo beans for the cannellini and added a little pasta instead of brown rice since I had a small bit left that I’ve been meaning to add to a soup.  As good as this was, I regretted not having some chili for the Super Bowl (not that I I watch the Super Bowl, but I do love the food 😉 so that will be on the menu for tomorrow.

FOK MinnestroneFinally, it has now become somewhat of a tradition to have a Monday treat to bring to work to share so I rounded out the meal planning with Everyday Happy Herbivore Butter Bean Cookies; this recipe can also be found online.  These cookies are very moist and have an almost cake like texture.  People would never guess that it’s mashed beans holding them together.

EHH Butter Bean Cookies

New Recipes Made This Week: 5

New Recipe Tally 2013: 25



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