Week 7: Chocolate and Spice

Where did the weekend…errr week, go!?  It’s been a busy week and weekend and I’m a bit late with Week 7’s post but have no fear I haven’t been slipping on my resolutions as we approach mid-February!  Quite the contrary, my one year anniversary of plant-based living finds me excited and reflective.

7 Weeks in to the 2013 challenge you should know the game, I cook at least one new recipe a week.  However, looking at the tally I’m averaging about 4/week.  I do not cook every night.  In fact I don’t cook most nights, at least not from scratch.  I am a weekend warrior;I do almost all of my cooking on the weekend so when I get home from work I can relax with minimal work necessary.  Week 7 found me still craving chili from all the Super Bowl chili recipes floating about (I don’t respond to the commercials with impulse buys but I do respond to pinterest with meal plans), so last week’s lunches were a repeat recipe of a favorite vegetarian chili.  I like this one because it has whole food, vegetables as it’s core.  The seasoning takes some experimenting to get just right but it’s definitely a keeper if you’re looking for a chili.

I decided to stick with this flavor profile and make enchiladas  for dinner.  Just about all of my cookbooks had a recipe but the  Happy Herbivore Abroad Vegetable Enchiladas (which is 2 recipes with the enchilada sauce) seemed the simplest so I went with that one for this busy week.  These were super easy, as are most of Lindsay’s recipes.  They were also quite delicious despite some difficulties getting them out of my ancient pan (I blame my pan, which is so old I line it with foil because I don’t want my food to touch it).

Vegetable Enchiladas (HHA p103)

While I loved these right out of the oven, they did not reheat well.  This is mandatory for us weekend warrior food-preppers!  I tried re-heating in the microwave and in the oven and the texture was not quite the same as fresh out of the oven.  Next time, and there will be a next time, I will prepare the filling and the sauce in advance and bake ready to eat.

I also made Chocolate Glazed Donuts from Happy Herbivore Abroad since it was Valentine’s Day and all!  These were beautiful and also yummy fresh out of the oven and the next morning but didn’t hold up beyond that (oh well you’ll just need to eat more;)

Chocolate Glazed Donuts (p155 HHA)

Finally, it wouldn’t be realistic for every recipe to come out beautifully now would it.  Veganomicon is not exactly E2 approved if you’re following the no oil rules, but with most recipes you can leave the oil out and all’s well.  Banana Nut Waffles…not so much.  I tried to replace the oil with applesauce and they became a mess stuck to the waffle iron.  Yes, that is a waffle in the picture below…they didn’t taste bad.  Any advice????

Banana Nut Waffles p75 Veganomicon

New Recipes Made This Week: 4

New Recipe Tally 2013: 29


5 thoughts on “Week 7: Chocolate and Spice

  1. Your blog inspires me to also be a weekend warrior when it comes to planning meals ahead. I want to make those donuts right now! We’re they moderately healthy?

  2. For the waffles, I’ve just skipped oil entirely and added a little more milk. Doesn’t always work. But with the banana’s applesauce would make it as you described–too much fruit density.

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