Week 8: Saucy

This past week I felt like having a repeat favorite, Pistachio Crusted Eggplant.  I love this recipe and usually make it as a casserole by stacking the eggplant slices with layers of sauce and pistachio between each layer (note if you do this it takes longer to cook, usually about 40 minutes).  Since I’d chosen the eggplant as my main course and I didn’t have a lot of time for new recipes last weekend, I went to Happy Herbivore Abroad for some pasta sauces to accompany my eggplant.

I started off with the Spaghetti alla Puttanesca.  The Abroad version is mainly black olive based with minimal tomato, other than some tomato paste.  Though I love black olives and enjoyed the dish I think I would prefer the Everyday Happy Herbivore version, which has sliced cherry tomatoes and spinach as well as some marinara sauce.  I didn’t realize there was a puttanesca recipe in Everyday Happy Herbivore until the author, Lindsay Nixon, posted a picture of another fan’s version on facebook that looked absolutely nothing like mine.  I will definitely have to give it a try as a future New Recipe Challenge entry, or perhaps a mix between the two.

Puttanesca HHA p 173


Continuing with my saucy week, I tried Penne Vodka.  I admit I was skeptical; silken tofu?!  Yes, silken tofu, and fresh basil.  This sauce is amazing!  The only thing I would change in the future is to add a little bit of finely diced onion or some diced tomato.  The flavor is perfect but it is a bit smoother than I’m accustomed to for a Vodka sauce.

Vodka Sauce HHA p171The final edition to this weeks saucy post is Bolognese Sauce.  This version is full of wholesome vegetable goodness with carrots, celery and onion chopped so fine you don’t even see them and mushroom as the “meat” of the sauce.  I left mine nice and chunky and will have a bunch leftover to inspire next week’s meal planning.

Bolognese Sauce HHA p 168

New Recipes Made This Week: 3

New Recipe Tally 2013: 32



7 thoughts on “Week 8: Saucy

    • Both are really good. I used Herbes de Provence as the Italian Herbs in the bolognese and Zinfindel as the wine and it came quite nice. I think it will be versatile as well (I hope since there’s a bunch left and I’m thinking a dipping sauce for chickpea tenders and maybe a polenta pizza)

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  2. Oh, this makes me hungry! 🙂 I kinda want to try the vodka sauce. (LOVE italian food. Any red sauce. Mmm. ) But, a friend who constantly boasted about his cooking , had this as a specialty, made it for a group of us one night. I couldn’t stand it! But, I may try it again…

    • I liked it a lot, I’ve never tried to make it myself but had it out at restaurants before I went veg. This recipe was really easy and you definitely taste the fresh basil.

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