Week 11: Lunches and Sweet Treats

As I was writing my Week 11 post I realized I had a lot to post this week, so the St. Pat’s theme and the standard weekly fare have been split in two.  In addition to my wonderful St. Patrick’s Day inspired dinners and breads I made my weekly sweet treat to share with my co-workers.

My friend over at The Pink Ticket posted a recipe for French Toast Doughnuts a couple of week’s ago and I’ve been wanting to give them a try ever since.  I also needed to justify a doughnut pan taking up space in my kitchen!  My picture is not nearly as inspiring as the original posting because I didn’t heed the warning to let the crumble cool in the refrigerator before using and it melted into the doughnuts (I also overfilled my pan a bit and ended up with part doughnut part muffin top).  However, they were still wonderful to eat.  These doughnuts are very moist and a great accompaniment for a nice cup of tea as an afternoon treat.

Pink Ticket French Toast Doughnuts

For lunches this week I made Happy Herbivore Abroad Vegetable Korma.  This is a curry of potatoes, carrots and peas with mild Indian spices.  It lost some of it’s creaminess upon reheating but the warm flavors were still there and the dish made for a satisfying lunch.

HHA Vegetable Korma (p100)

New Recipes Made This Week: 5

New Recipe Tally 2013: 43


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