Week 13: New Recipes for New Beginnings

I started my new job this week; the first change in five years.  It was a good week and somewhat quiet due to holiday.  Nonetheless, cooking was a bit on the back burner (pun fully intended, ha) while I got settled in my new schedule.

As a going away present, a co-worker/friend gave me a couple of new cookbooks!  Of course I had to dive right in and give a new recipe a try.  The Candle Cafe Cookbook had a recipe for Matzo Ball Soup, which seemed just right for this time of year.  The only matzo ball soup I’ve ever made was of the add water and stir Manischewitz variety and this recipe went so far as to make the broth from scratch.  This was also my first homemade vegetable broth, it smelled amazing while it was cooking.

Candle Cafe Broth

The broth called for some lemon juice and zest, which I found overpowering when I first tasted it immediately after cooking.  However, the flavors developed overnight and the soup was well-balanced and much better reheated.

CC Matzo Ball Soup (p56)

With lunch taken care of, I had dinners to plan.  I had intended to make a Forks Over Knives curried chickpeas recipe but had excess broth from the soup left and thought the lemon undertones would go well with Happy Herbivore Abroad Lemon-Balsamic Chickpeas.  I cooked my brown rice in the the leftover vegetable broth and made the chickpeas as written, but added some tomatoes in the end for color.  I served over some fresh spinach.   A very satisfying unplanned dinner.

HHA Lemon-Balsamic Chickpeas

Finally, though I don’t often eat meat substitutes I felt like having Lifelife Vegan Italian Sausages  this week and decided to serve Andrea’s Salt and Vinegar Potatoes from Happy Herbivore Abroad on the side.  I can’t believe I’ve never thought of cooking the potatoes in vinegar! It gave the potatoes a great tang and was an excellent alternative to your standard french fries.

HHA Salt and Vinegar potatoes

New Recipes Made This Week: 3

New Recipe Tally 2013: 48


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