Week 14: Family Gatherings and Holiday Traditions

Last weekend I went to my parents’ home for Easter.  When I think back on my life and which memories symbolize the comfort of family I always end up at my Grandmother’s (Mom-Mom’s) dining room table.  So many of our memories, traditions and emotions are inherently linked to food.  Weddings, baptisms, funerals and everything in between meant family gatherings around a meal, and never ending snacking at that dining room table.

So every holiday since becoming plant based has begged the question, “what are you going to eat”.  This was my second Easter plant based but I missed Easter last year because I had just returned from a business trip to Japan.  In theory, last Easter should have meant the end of my “sacrifice” since I had become vegan for Lent.  It didn’t work out that way because I realized it wasn’t a sacrifice at all and I was enjoying my new found lifestyle changes and seeing the benefits of them.

This year I decided to make some kind of loaf to supplement the already veg sides.  Since I’d already made Dreena Burton’s No-Fu Loaf I went with the Happy Herbivore Hippie Loaf.  I made the recipe in mini-loaf pans rather than one large pan so it would be faster to re-heat once I got to my parents house.  This recipe will definitely be made again.  I am normally a bit on the fence when it comes to quinoa for textural reasons but it bakes into a great consistency in this recipe.  I also added a squirt of sriracha since I prefer a bit of spice to the sweetness of ketchup (I still used the ketchup as called for but added the sriracha in addition to).

Happy Herbivore Hippie Loaf

Even Dad gave it a taste and said he liked it.  Unfortunately my gluten intolerant brother and mother could not taste.  A word of warning not all tamari is gluten free.  I didn’t realize this until I was double checking all labels and saw my tamari has a “touch of wheat” for flavor.

Only one new recipe this week.  Losing Sunday to the holiday and yard work on Saturday left me with little weekend meal prep time so my weeknights were quick  fixes that weren’t formal recipes (and luckily I had some hippie loaf leftover too!).

New Recipes Made This Week: 1

New Recipe Tally 2013: 49


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