Week 21: Stretching the Pantry

Alas the long holiday weekend is nearing its end…it feels quite strange to be writing Week 21’s post when I just finished cleaning the kitchen of Week 22’s meal prep!  Suffice it to say the long weekend has me a bit off schedule but I’m finally here. Week 21 found me quite unorganized.  I spent the weekend with family out of state and never really had much of a plan going into the week.  Some of you may work well without meal planning but I am not one of these people.  Since most of what I eat is whole foods and perishable foods if I haven’t planned my meals out I’m left with grains, pastas and beans.  Yup, chickpea tacos 😀

Disclaimers aside, I’ll start with dessert since that was the best thing I made.  I decided to make Happy Herbivore Sunshine Muffins from the Abroad cookbook mostly because I was intrigued that crushed pineapple provided the only source of moisture.  These were delicious!  They bake up nicely, have minimal sugar (beyond that provided by the fruit) and are a lovely treat with afternoon tea.  I added some shaved almonds and a blueberry on top for texture and garnish (as they were baking I thought coconut, but that will be for next time).

Sunshine Muffins HHA

For actual meals I had to search the pantry to see what was on hand (and I did have chickpea tacos in burrito form a few nights).  I started out with a pinterest sourced recipe that also had me curious more than anything.  One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta is as the name indicates a one pot pasta recipe where all ingredients, including the uncooked pasta get thrown together to cook.  If you aren’t picky about the texture of your pasta then this is a great option. I had issues with my pasta ending up overdone (especially leftovers).  The flavors were on point but I will stick to my two pot method-I cook my pasta until just under then add it to the sauce to finish and take up some of the flavors.

Pinterest One Pot Pasta

Finally, the one fresh ingredient I had on hand was eggplant so I made Forks Over Knives Cookbook Penne with Spicy Eggplant.  The recipe called for the sauce to be left chunky but I prefer a smooth sauce so I decided to puree the sauce with my immersion blender.  This worked well with the Spicy Peanut and Eggplant Soup I made some weeks ago so figured why not.  It produced a nice thick sauce with a subtle spice.  As far as taste goes, I didn’t find the sauce to be much different than some of the other recipes I’ve tried but it is a great way to get some added veggie goodness to your meal in a quick and subtle way.

FoK Spicy Eggplant (Penne)

Not a bad week for just getting by!  No worries, next week was amazingly planned, so much so I am officially out of storage containers.

New Recipes Made This Week: 3

New Recipe Tally 2013: 67


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