Week 22: Stuffed

The weather last week took a turn and was cool, rainy and windy.  I think this is what led to the craving for stuffed baked potatoes (luckily I cooked before it skyrocketed to the 90s).  Perhaps this was still on my mind as I was perusing the cookbooks to decide what to make for the week because I ended up choosing Happy Herbivore Abroad Stuffed Poblano Peppers and Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms.

The stuffing used in the two dishes was slightly different. The cajun stuffed mushrooms included garlic, onion, celery, peppers and spinach with a cajun seasoning (the book does have a recipe to make your own but I had the Emeril’s Bayou Seasoning on hand so I went with that).  They cooked up beautifully in a muffin pan and were even better left over.

HHA Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms

I served the stuffed poblano peppers over arroz amarillo from Everyday Happy Herbivore, the latter of which I’ve made before.  The stuffing for this one again included peppers and onions but also black beans and salsa.  I added corn as well.  This was my first attempt at stuffed poblanos and I don’t to my knowledge think I’ve ever eaten them.  The spice is mild to my taste but very flavorful and perfectly paired into a satisfying meal with the rice.

HHA Stuffed Pablano PeppersI ended up with leftover stuffing from both dishes so I decided to use it up in a potato hash, which I had with the leftover stuffed mushrooms for a nice, filling breakfast.  I managed to use up all of my food on hand and have a quick breakfast I could heat up at work.  I loved the mushrooms leftover in the hash and will probably be doing this go again to change up my breakfast routine.


New Recipes Made This Week: 2

New Recipe Tally 2013: 69


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