Week 23: Vegetarier in Deutschland

There was no new recipe this week.  In fact, there was practically no cooking at all.  Last Saturday I began my first European Adventure!  It is not as exciting as it sounds considering it was for business but I did get to take a trip to Ulm, Germany.  I found it very difficult to be vegetarian in Germany; at least in Ulm, Germany.  While many restaurants had at least one vegetarian option they often had cheese or some kind of cream sauce.

I admit I am not exactly a world traveler and the language barrier also complicated matters.  A further complication was the business factor; most dinners were team dinners after long days of work meetings and the restaurants were pre-selected to give a true German experience to the visiting colleagues.  This limited my ability to research restaurants and plan my trip with dietary restrictions in mind.

Upon arrival my North American colleagues and I ate at an Italian restaurant in the town (I have wonderful colleagues who were very intent on finding someplace I would be able to eat); I had a lovely penne arrabiata.  A few more local successes included a dish of assorted vegetarian cakes at Drei Kannen


and an asparagus pesto penne at Ratskeller.  It did have some shaved parmesan but I was so hungry I went with it.  The asparagus was a bit different than I’m used to in the US.  It was much thicker and seemed to have a bit less flavor.


It was a long week and an exhausting trip but Ulm is a beautiful area if you ever happen to be on a journey through Germany.


New Recipes Made This Week: 0

New Recipe Tally 2013: 69


2 thoughts on “Week 23: Vegetarier in Deutschland

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