Week 24: Easy Peasy Plant Based

I don’t like labels, they’re so confining! Publicly, the simplest is to declare myself vegan so as to avoid receiving an unrecognizable vegetable smothered (or stuffed) in cheese as my alternative meal. Realistically, I am not 100% vegan (though I do not eat cheese, mainly because I do not and never have liked it *gasp*). I strive towards a mostly whole food plant based diet and when I began this journey I did not want to transition from a highly processed omnivore diet to a highly processed vegan diet. I’d say I’m about 80-85% there.

What this means is that when one travels abroad on business for a week, one returns to a very barren refrigerator. Whole foods go bad (warning, the more whole foods you eat the more appalled you become by the shelf life of some processed foods). When I returned from Germany last weekend there were limited ingredients to work with in the kitchen. After unpacking, laundry, bills, and tending to the yard while adjusting to the timezone change, meal planning and food shopping was not going to happen. However, I always have an assortment of canned beans, canned tomatoes and dry pasta to work with.

Taking the pantry situation into consideration, this week’s new recipe was Happy Herbivore Quick & Easy Black Bean Burgers. The recipe is from Everyday Happy Herbivore and lucky for you it is also online! These really are quick and easy, and the limited ingredients make them even better. I was in and out of the grocery in no time and only bought some toppings and bread.

The recipe seemed pretty basic to me so I decided to add some flare and attempt a southwest burger. To add some southwest flavors I added sriracha, cumin, coriander, cooked corn and fresh cilantro (leftover from chickpea tacos of course;). Sorry no measurements, just a dash of this and a touch of that. I topped my burgers with fresh tomato, romaine lettuce, thinly sliced red onion, a bit more fresh cilantro and avocado slices.

These were awesome! Even better re-heated in the oven the next day when the texture firms up a bit more. No more Morning Star Black Bean Burgers for me! There’s no excuse for that anymore.

EHH Quick Black Bean Burgers

New Recipes Made This Week: 1

New Recipe Tally 2013: 70


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