Week 30: Lay Down Your Weary Tune

After a weekend of gallivanting I’m still playing catch up and am a bit late with writing up Week 30’s post.   Philadelphia member-supported radio WXPN hosted a the XPoNential music festival at Wiggins Park over the weekend.  Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day to walk about the waterfront and enjoy the music, which ended with dancing on the lawn to the Lumineers.  We weren’t so lucky on Sunday, but despite the downpours it was a lot of fun, and rather comical, to go sloshing through the floods and have sandals stuck in mud through Ryan Bingham and My Morning Jacket.  Lucky for us security gave us covered seats of the no-shows for Wilco and Bob Dylan [Lay Down Your Weary Tune is my favorite Dylan song, sadly never heard live].


All this excitement meant little time at home to prep for this week and write-up last week.  So, here we are at Wednesday.  Week 30 was actually quite successful as far as trying new recipes goes.  It finally cooled enough for me to consider turning on the oven, and I just happen to have an excessive amount of blueberries to inspire me so there were muffins in order.  Happy Herbivore’s single blueberry muffin is one of my favorites I’ve ever made but I wanted to try something new so I made the Happy Herbivore Abroad Blueberry Cornbread Muffins.  These won’t top the single blueberry muffin as a favorite but are still worthy of a place in the rotation.  The addition of cornmeal gives these muffins a denser texture, in addition to the subtle cornbread flavor.  These would be a good breakfast muffin, while I would consider the single serve blueberry muffin more of a sweet treat for dessert or with afternoon tea.

Continuing to feed my blueberry obsession, I finally bought spelt flour to make the Engine 2 Blueberry-Spelt Pancakes that I have been eyeing for weeks now.  I’ve never worked with spelt flour before and was a bit skeptical by the gumminess of the batter after waiting the 15 minutes as the recipe dictates.  They came out lovely though.  A bit crisp on the outside with a cakey texture inside, they are not as airy and light as my usual pancake recipe.  However, I still found them to be delicious.  I served mine with a sauce of fresh berries and banana cooked stove-top with just a bit of maple syrup.


Finally, I made Pesto Pasta from Straight Up Food’s Cathy Fisher.  I had seen the recipe on my facebook news food and just happen to have all ingredients needed.  I added asparagus to my pasta since that was what I have on hand.  Made fresh this was a very satisfying dinner pasta; however, it was not as good leftover as it lost some of it’s creaminess.  The pesto is definitely a keeper though!  Next time I think I will jar the pesto and make the pasta to serve.


New Recipes Made This Week: 3

New Recipe Tally 2013: 80


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