Week 31: Hits and Misses in the Plant Strong Kitchen

More than halfway through this year’s new recipe challenge and I’ve only just realized that I am over eighty recipes in and have found most, almost all, to be rather enjoyable.  Some have become regulars in the rotation, others may need some tweaks or be occasional fare but there have only been a rare few I haven’t liked (and I assure you I am a rather picky eater!).  I thought of this after a rather disappointing lunch attempt.  I’ve become bored with lunch of late and have been going to the work salad bar (which isn’t even really a very good salad bar) for lack of anything better.  So it was time to get back on track and meal plan/ weekend prep again.  Forks Over Knives has  many options that would be great for lunches.  This week I decided on the Thai Portobello Wraps.

I018 wanted to like them.  The flavors were great.  There was a good balance of salt from soy sauce, with acid from lime and spice from red pepper flakes.  Cilantro added a nice freshness.  The main issue for me was that this was not dry or dense enough to make a good filling for a wrap.  As the portobello cook down they release their juices than adding the sauce left me with a watery mess.  I tried having them in whole wheat wraps instead of lettuce wraps but the overall result was meh.  Maybe I cooked them too long?

Lunch didn’t work out so great but dinner was delicious!  So good, that I will say that this recipe will become a regular in the rotation.  Since I was out most of last weekend, I had to *gasp* cook after work.  Given the novelty of this absurd concept, I was in search of something easy with minimal prep.  Forks Over Knives Penne with Broccoli Rabe seemed just right.  I’ve never prepared broccoli rabe myself but it cooks like a leafy green, with a quick saute.  The picture doesn’t do this dish justice.  Honestly, when it was finished I expected another failure since it appeared to be dry pasta with some greens.  However, I was happily surprised by the depth of flavors from the fresh lemon, garlic and red pepper flakes and basil.  Toasted pine nuts add a lovely texture.  This dish also re-heated well (always a bonus).  I made beetballs later in the week to add with the leftovers.  If you are looking for a whole food plant based “meatball” these are my absolute favorite, which I make often.


New Recipes Made This Week: 2

New Recipe Tally 2013: 82


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