Week 32: Meals on the Go

This week I continued to try to revamp my lunch routine and decided to change up breakfast while I was at it. Working for a global company with colleagues six-seven hours ahead in time means that I have eight a.m. meetings more often than not. While I’m lucky to have an easy commute I still somehow ending up running out the door and grabbing a bagel to go most days. This week I decided to give overnight oats another try. I had tried a recipe last year at some point and recall I wasn’t a big fan but cannot exactly recall why so I went looking for a recipe to give it one more shot (and now I’ll have an archive for next year when I think this might be a good idea).

085I found a recipe on pinterest for peach and blueberry steel cut oatmeal in the crock-pot that sounded just right. The concept is great and it’s quite simple to add everything to the crock-pot and walk away. Even with spraying the crock-pot there was a lot stuck to the bottom and sides but it was not burnt and tasted fine. I now recall my issue with overnight oats – texture. If you’re not picky about texture this may work for you but it is a bit too mush for my liking. It seems I’m just going to have to force myself up earlier in the morning so I can make my oats fresh (I tend to go with old-fashioned oats as they have a better texture than quick oats but require less time and attention than steel cut oats).

089For lunches, I chose another wrap recipe from Forks Over Knives. Baba Ghanoush Wraps with Marinated Tomatoes were also really easy to prepare. Simply roast the eggplant and throw all ingredients in a food processor and voila lunch is served. The eggplant has a creamy, hummus-like texture that made for a good spread but I don’t know if this wrap would have been filling enough for me for a lunch (in fairness the book describes this section as ideal for picnics, parties and hot days when you may not be that hungry so I don’t think it was intended as a meal in itself). To make mine more filling, I used a whole wheat wrap instead of just lettuce and added some of left over beetballs. While I enjoyed this recipe, the garlic was overpowering and after the first day that was all you could taste. I’m not sure if it was the quantity (4 cloves in the eggplant plus one in the marinade for the tomatoes) or the pungency of the bulb I had; next time I will probably cut the garlic in half.

The star of the week was my sweet treat, Carrie’s Vanilla Chai Cupcakes from The Happy Herbivore Cookbook. This is also the best picture of the week (here I used my Cannon Rebel; the other two photos are iPhone photos taken in my office at work – I truly was on the go this week).  To make these cupcakes you brew a strong tea in milk as the wet ingredient in the batter (why didn’t I think of that?!). I often do this with water for oatmeal by the way. Brew a strong cup of chai tea and use that to make your oatmeal; add some pumpkin pie spice and some pecans and it’s absolutely delicious. But I digress. These cupcakes were perfectly spiced and delicious. I bet this would make a great cake as well. I didn’t have the ingredients to make the recommended Cream Cheese Icing so I made Maple Icing instead. This icing is more of a glaze but it paired nicely nonetheless. I chopped a few pecans on top for some crunch and decoration.


New Recipes Made This Week: 4

New Recipe Tally 2013: 86


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