Week 38: The Great Pumpkin

Happy Fall!  It’s officially my favorite season and I am enjoying the cooler weather and lovely fall flowers.  My mums and black eyed susan are in full bloom and I even have a couple (literally) of early leaves changing into their beautiful reds.  Somehow I made it this far into September without making something pumpkin and this needed to be rectified.  The weekend began with Pumpkin Pancakes.  I normally just add a few spoonfuls of pumpkin puree to any pancake recipe with a few dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and call it a day but decided to try a more formal approach this time around.  Happy Herbivore was including a new recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes from her forthcoming Light & Lean Cookbook in this week’s Happy Herbivore newsletter but by early Saturday the newsletter hadn’t arrived yet so that recipe will have to wait for another week.  My friend at the Pink Ticket had posted a Pumpkin Pancake recipe the other week so that’s where I started.  These are awesome!  The recipe calls for more pumpkin than I usually add to my makeshift recipe and you can taste the difference. I added some allspice and cloves for a spicier pancake.

IMG_4862IMG_4867I still had some pumpkin puree left so I decided to make Oh She Glows’ Lightened Up Raw Pecan Pumpkin Butter.  This was super easy to throw together (I left out the coconut oil and do not miss it at all) in the food processor.  My apple never tasted so good with this yummy dip.  As written this recipe is not very spiced so if you like things spiced up like me increase the cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.  As good as this was with my apple, I had an idea for a wonderful sweet treat.  Happy Herbivore had posted a Cinnamon Bun Minis recipe on her facebook page not too long ago.  The recipe provides a cheat for the time consuming cinnamon bun process of making your own dough by using pizza dough to make the cinnamon buns; you can also make smaller portions to serve.  I decided to take this concept and use the Pumpkin Butter in place of the brown sugar/applesauce mixture in the cinnamon minis.

To make the glaze I also added a small spoonful of the pumpkin butter to the confectionary sugar to boost the flavors even more.  I am quite pleased to say these came out as good as I’d hoped!  I need some practice working with the pizza dough to get it rolled out a bit thinner so the minis roll nicer but these were an excellent treat for fall.  They are not overly sweet but you can use the glaze to add more sweetness if you like.  I loved them just as they were.


New Recipes Made This Week: 3

New Recipe Tally 2013: 105



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