Week 42: Weekend Breakfasts and Such

It’s been a beautiful fall weekend in Eastern PA.  My body is trained to wake early so even on weekends I’m up by 7 am at the latest (if my body doesn’t wake me than a certain cat who doesn’t seem to align with the dog and I when it comes to the theory that Saturdays are for sleeping comes purring, meowing, kneading the blankets and staring intensely until his human rouses).  Even though I’m up early, I like to make a lazy start of it and I treat myself to pancakes most weekends while I take the time to brew a pot of coffee stovetop in the percolator.

Week 42 came to a start last Sunday with the realization that I was *gasp* out of pumpkin puree.  Though Happy Herbivore seems to think pumpkin has no flavor and can be subbed with carrots we’ll have to agree to disagree on this.  I admit pumpkin has a somewhat subtle flavor and if you are only using a tablespoon or two of pumpkin with lots of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and/or cloves than you likely taste the spices much more than the pumpkin.  However, if you add enough pumpkin it does have a distinct taste all its own, at least to my tastebuds.  Since pumpkin pancakes were not an option I decided to go back to basics and made the pancake recipe from the first Happy Herbivore Cookbook.  I halved the recipe to make just enough.  This recipe is very simple and quick, perfect for a Sunday morning when you’re not quite fully awake to focus.  They also taste great and are nice and light.  I missed the photo-op on this one so instead here is Master Finn having returned to bed for a nap after waking the house.


To close out week 42 I thought I’d mix things up a bit and make french toast.   I had pinned a recipe on Pinterest a few weeks back and finally got around to giving it a go.  With pumpkin puree re-stocked, I made Vegan Pumpkin French Toast.  This recipe suggested using English Muffins as the bread; I bought Pumpkin English Muffins thinking this would go nicely in the recipe (English Muffins are not oil-free if you are fully plant-based).  I was surprised how good English Muffins are in French Toast form.  The recipe cooks up nice and fluffy with lots of pumpkin spice flavor.  I’m still a pancake girl but this was a good alternative and inspired Week 43’s sweet treat (which smells delicious baking as I type this).


The rest of the week’s cooking involved old favorites.  I’ll mention one that’s at the top of the favorites list because it is fast, delicious, versatile and re-heats well – all bonuses in my kitchen!  Kathy Patalsky’s Kale Peanut Salad is a great recipe.  I like it so much I often turn it from side dish to main dish, which is what I did this week.  I doubled the sauce component and added linguini (I’ve done this before with rice noodles but had none on hand)  to have a quick and satisfying dinner.  I added a little Thai Chili sauce to spice it up a bit as well.  Lacinato Kale (aka Tuscan or dinosaur kale) is my favorite variety for this.


New Recipes Made This Week: 2

New Recipe Tally 2013: 115


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