Week 45: Forks Over Knives

With the weeks remaining in 2013 in the single digits I had every intention of writing some extra posts to finish out the year, yet here I am a bit late on my weekly post.  I only made one new recipe in Week 45 but also remade one of my favorites, both from Forks Over Knives The Cookbook.  So this Week 45 is dedicated to Forks Over Knives.

When I first decided to try a whole foods plant based diet it was intended to be a brief challenge to reclaim my diet and inspire new foods and dishes.  That was in February of 2012.  I have greatly enjoyed this plant based journey and am still finding inspiration to cook, meal plan and live a healthier lifestyle.  Forks Over Knives the documentary was one of the early inspirations.  Forks Over Knives focuses on the healthful benefits of a diet that is plant based and limits refined sugars, oils and processed ingredients.

The cookbook is one of my favorites.  In general, these recipes can be a bit more complex than a quick and easy weeknight meal.  That said there are also some more simple stews, wraps, and pastas to choose when you’re in a hurry.  I actually like the complexity of some of the dishes.  They are not difficult, but require more steps (and pots), but the payoff is a meal that just seems more special.

This week’s new dish was a sweet treat.  I had gone apple picking a few week’s back and managed to overdo it a bit (as usual).  In search of a recipe that would use more than one or two apples I decided on Forks Over Knives Apple Crisp.  This recipe has no butter or oil; it uses nut butter to make the topping (it calls for cashew butter but I used almond).  Maple syrup adds sweetness to the apples and the topping.  I decided to add some cranberries because I love the tartness of cranberries with apples.

IMG_5155This dish was wonderful.  I brought it into the office and it was well received by my co-workers as well.  There is just the right level of sweetness and the oat topping adds a nice crunch.  I re-heated the leftovers slightly to serve it warm.

Dinner for Week 45 was a remake of one of my favorites, Eggplant Rollatini.

Sounds simple right?!  I made this for the first time in Week 2.  Since then I’ve learned a lot about food blogging.  It is not as easy and intuitive as one would think to describe the process of cooking and relay the flavors of food in words that actually invoke an understanding of the meal (yummy, delicious are not in fact descriptive of flavor at all…it took some time to learn to focus on acid, spice, sweet, and textures).  I am also a bad food blogger who shows only finished product.  So here is the Week 45 version of Eggplant Rollatini…

The eggplant is sliced thin and brushed with a soy/garlic based marinade before roasting.

IMG_5130While the eggplant is cooking, prepare the stuffing – a millet stuffing with garlic and spinach.


A  fresh tomato sauce, also from Forks Over Knives, is simple and herbaceous but an additional prep step.  To save time, this could be done ahead of time.


Spoon some of the millet filling on to the roasted eggplant and roll.


IMG_5137Place seam side down in a pan with a layer of fresh tomato sauce then top with additional sauce and bake.


Enjoy a beautifully delicious fresh and filling meal!  Gah, bad adjectives.  If you are looking for the creaminess of a typical rollatini, this recipe is not for you.  The millet has a firmer texture than a quinoa, more similar to a couscous, and it adds a subtle nuttiness to dishes.  It also reheats very well.


Read more about Forks Over Knives and see some of the recipes they’ve posted on their website.

New Recipes Made This Week: 1

New Recipe Tally 2013: 125


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