Week 49: Vegan Cookies with a Twist

I love baking Christmas cookies.  Over the years baking cookies has become a multi-weekend marathon of baking.  The first weekend, around mid-December, I usually package individual bunches for co-workers who I work closely with or am close to personnally while preparing a tray of the extras for the rest of the department to enjoy.  The second weekend, right before Christmas, is a larger longer affair to make the cookies for neighbors and family.  It is a tradition that I look forward to and as much a part of Christmas for me as putting up the tree and wrapping presents.  I would consider a cookie business but may have to move back to Pittsburgh where every wedding has a cookie table and people seem to truly appreciate the cookie.

Of course, every year I also want to try a new recipe or two so the list of varieties to be made is ever-growing (it seems nothing ever comes off the list…just added).  The conundrum is that I have not yet mastered the art of vegan baking, let alone whole-food plant based baking.  I admit that, for the most part, I am still baking my cookies with old, tried and true recipes.  Perhaps that could be the challenge for 2014 – remaking my baking recipes.  In the meantime, the new recipes to close out the 2013 challenge will likely be cookies.  This week I chose Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Post Punk Kitchen Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Yes, that’s right…Rosemary.  I had some fresh herbs leftover from Thanksgiving and was intrigued by this recipe, I love a re-vamped traditional cookie.

I had never worked with coconut oil before and my room temperature coconut oil was quite solid form.  I tried to warm it a bit in a warm water as it didn’t seem right.  I may have needed to soften the coconut oil a bit more but other than that these were quite easy to prepare.  One of my new to me recipes a few years ago was a Candy Cane Chocolate Chip cookie, which was a big hit.  Mint and rosemary seemed a good combination so I made half the Rosemary Chocolate Chip recipe as written then added some crushed candy cane to the remainder of the dough to experiment.

The cookies came out flatter than the picture on PPK and the candy cane version were even flatter than the regular.  I am guessing I had some coconut oil issues and probably overworked the dough when I mixed in the candy cane.  They do however, still taste delicious.  The rosemary is definitely a prominent flavor but it goes well with the chocolate (and the mint).  I really enjoyed this recipe, I just need to figure out my coconut oil for next time.


New Recipes Made This Week: 1

New Recipe Tally 2013: 143


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