Week 51: Jammin Around the Christmas Tree – Holiday Traditions

If someone were to ask what my signature dish is, what is the most requested, most associated with me foodstuff from my kitchen, the answer would be Jam Thumbprints.  I get more compliments and recipe requests for Jam Thumbprints than anything else I have ever made.  You may or may not associate these seemingly simple cookies with your holiday but in my family they always make an appearance on the Christmas Dessert Table.  I have a love/hate relationship with Jam Thumbprints.  I love that everyone loves them, and love the memories I have of my Pop-Pop stealing the tin and hiding it in his bedroom from the rest of the family.  I hate making them; perhaps hate is a strong word…they’re simple enough.   They only have four ingredients, but the process is tedious and when everyone loves something you have to make a LOT of them.

You can imagine my reservations in changing this recipe to consider a whole food plant based (or even vegetarian) alternative.  With only two weeks left in this year’s food challenge, it was time to test the Forks Over Knives Cookbook Jam Thumbprint.  First, let me tell you about my recipe.

I cannot recall the source of the recipe and am fairly certain that at one point in time it probably had baking soda and/or salt but in time it has been reduced to 1 cup butter, 2 cups flour, 1/3 cup sugar and jam.  The cookies are soft, flaky and, unlike most store bought versions, have a good jam to cookie ratio.  Perhaps the 2014 challenge will be a Test Kitchen challenge and I will work on modifications.  For now, it was the Forks Over Knives version to satisfy Week 51’s new recipe for the 2013 challenge.

IMG_5639The Forks Over Knives cookies use oat flour, oats and walnuts as the dry ingredients and applesauce and almond butter as the wet.  The cookies mixed up well but were wetter than my version.  These cookies are denser than the signature version, still chewy, definitely nutty.  They’re really a good cookie.  If you are looking for a healthy substitute for a holiday treat, these cookies will do, but I don’t think they’d be the signature dish my version has always been.

I figured I’d continue the cookies and festive drink theme and made Vegan Chia Nog to go with my cookies.  The concept of egg nog was always a bit odd to me and I don’t think I have ever tried the real thing so I have nothing to compare the vegan version to.  I love the flavors; nutmeg and a splash of rum (perhaps I used the real thing instead of extract) made for a yummy accompaniment to my cookies.  The chia seeds seemed an odd textural component and I think I’ll try the banana version next time (I had none on hand this time around).


New Recipes Made This Week: 2

New Recipe Tally 2013: 148

PS I’ve discovered Titles are probably the most difficult part of blogging…


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