A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

Happy New Year’s Eve!  One year ago (tomorrow) I posted my first Dandelion Wishes blog post.   The goal, or resolution if you must, had been

“to live healthier through eating better, try new foods and recipes, and do more of what I love most…COOK!”

GoalPlanWishI love this quote, attributed to French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  So often resolutions are more wishes than goals because we lack the plan and commitment to make them reality.  The plan for 2013 was to prepare at least one new recipe a week and blog about the journey to track my progress and add some accountability, even if I were the only reader.

Here we are one year later, and I must say I’ve really enjoyed this project.  Trying new recipes has forced me to think consciously about my meals.  Even more important to me, this process has been a constant reminder to choose to spend more of my time doing something that I enjoy.

So, how’d I do??

  • In 52 weeks I prepared and tried 153 new recipes, averaging nearly 3x what the initial goal been.  There was only one week that I did not prepare a new recipe; I was on a business trip in Germany for all of Week 23.
  • I never missed a blog post. Some were a bit late and Week 23 didn’t have a recipe review but every week had a post.
  • It turns out I wasn’t just writing for myself after all!  As of today, the blog has 2105 views and I have 39 followers.
  • Week 4: Spicy Foods for Chilly Days was the top post with 129 views; I think that the Happy Herbivore Cheater Pad Thai probably pushed it to the top.  Since I’ve written that post Lindsay Nixon (aka Happy Herbivore) has made a tutorial of the full recipe for an online cooking show; you can find that on YouTube.

What’s next for me and Dandelion Wishes (Dandelion Plans just isn’t as whimsical)…stay tuned 😉 I have a lot of wishes right now and am still working out the plans but this weekend the 2014 Challenge will be ready to publish.  In the meantime, thank you for following my journey and have a Happy New Year!




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