Pesto Soup with Gnocchi, Beans & Greens

Rounding out January’s soup spectacular I made Pesto Soup with Gnocchi, Beans & Greens from Isa Does It for lunches last week. I’d chosen this soup because, even after using 4 cups cauliflower in last week’s Chunky Miso Vegetable Soup, I still had about a pound of cauliflower left.  In the Pesto Soup, the cauliflower serves to provide a creaminess;  the cauliflower is cooked in broth and pureed once it becomes tender to create a nice thick soup.  As a bonus this recipe can be easily made low-fat, oil-free without impacting taste or texture.

The base of the soup is cauliflower pureed in the broth with an abundance of basil.  It’s turned into a filling and satisfying meal by adding gnocchi, swiss chard and navy beans.  The additions, plus some toasted pine nuts as garnish, also make it texturally pleasing.  My picture isn’t quite the pretty basil green as the cookbook photo but the flavors were wonderful.


Isa Does It Recipes: 9


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