Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings

No sooner did I get my power back last Friday did I start hearing of the next storm expected mid-week.  I wanted to be better prepared this time around so I could at least have some nice hot comfort food if the power went out again.  A co-worker was able to find propane for my table top stove just in case and perusing the Stews, Chilis & Curries section of Isa Does It kept me going back to Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings.  This dish was also a good excuse to splurge on the Dutch Oven I’ve been eyeing for months; it arrived Wednesday evening and was put straight to work in advance of Thursday’s storm.


This dish is a simple stew of onion, celery, carrots and potatoes.  It starts out with a roux, which by definition is created by cooking flour with fat…not so good for the Engine 2 Challenge, but I decided to use water instead of the oil and see how it went.  I was able to achieve a thick mixture, but it was not browned or toasty as the cookbook describes.  To this, you add in the onion and cook a bit before adding in broth and the remainder of the vegetables.  With everyone in the pot you cook until the potatoes are tender.

IMG_5864At this point you add some beans and top with dumplings before covering to cook the rest of the way through.  The dumplings also contained a bit of oil.  Here, I replaced the oil with pumpkin puree; inspired by Fat Free Vegan Susan Voison’s Pot Pie with Pumpkin Biscuit Topping, which I had made for Thanksgiving.  The dumplings pillowed quite nicely.


IMG_5866The stew was lovely.  It has subtle herbal flavors and a lovely thickness you expect from a hearty stew.  The beans and dumplings add some texture (the pumpkin seemed a fine choice to replace the oil).  The dish also reheated well though gratefully I did not lose power and didn’t have to rely on my tabletop stove for the reheating.  I did, however, get over a foot of snow on Thursday – perfect stew weather.


Isa Does It Recipes: 11





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