Engine 2 Challenge: Week 4!

If you think you couldn’t handle a 28 Day Challenge, let me tell you it goes by fast!  Monday, March 3 will be the end of the Engine 2 Challenge.  I’ll post my final Challenge post early in the week after I cross the finish line but for now will focus on the Week 4 wrap-up.  For the final week I was a food prep master (to the point I ran out of containers and used mason jars to keep my steel cut oats).

Breakfasts included pumpkin version of last week’s french toast; I used the Ezekiel Raisin English Muffins for that again.  I also made another batch of steel cut oats in the pressure cooker to bring to the office.


Lunches were leftover penne broccoli rabe early in the week and potato leek soup from Isa Does It (sans oil) with a side salad dressed with fresh lemon juice and ground black pepper for the remainder of the week.


We had a brief, too brief, reprise from the cold and snow over the weekend that made it seem like spring until you saw the piles of snow lingering at every turn.  The milder temps inspired me to grill and I decided to go with fajitas for dinner this week.  I marinated portobello steaks in ginger, garlic and tamari based sauce (Forks Over Knives Cookbook has my preferred portobello steak recipe) before grilling them.  I also cooked the peppers and onions on the grill then sliced and seasoned (Happy Herbivore Cookbook is my go to fajita seasoning).


I assembled the fajitas in an oil-free corn/whole wheat tortilla (Trader Joe’s), topped with green onion, cilantro, fresh tomato and avocado.  I served chipotle black beans (Veganomicon) over cilantro lime brown rice on the side. The dish was exactly what I wanted, and I pretty much ate this every night of Week 4 (and could go for another week without getting bored of it, so good!).  I should say that the Trader Joe’s Corn & Wheat Tortillas are so much better than the Chi-Chi’s corn tortillas, which were the only oil-free I could find at Wegmans.  They’re definitely worth the trip to the tiny, over-crowded Trader Joe’s (or Trader Jose’s as they write on the packaging).


By Friday I was out of leftovers and my refrigerator was barren with the exception of pickles and condiments.  A quick stop on the way home from work and I am storm ready (yes, it is March, and yes, another snow storm is expected tomorrow).  I seemed to be the only one not looking for milk and bread 😉

IMG_5356For a quick, after work dinner, I made cauliflower pizza crust pizza.


A sweet treat this week was Forks Over Knives Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Vanilla Bean Whip to finish up the Ezekiel Raisin Muffins and the silken tofu that I had used a portion of in the chickpea tikka masala; I hate wasting food and cannot figure what to do with the English Muffins without butter or cream cheese other than french toast or bread pudding.

IMG_5928Stay tuned for the final Challenge post!


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