Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Penne with Broccoli

Finally writing up this week’s post after a beautiful weekend enjoying life as Spring tries to push Winter out (though it seems Winter may not be down for the count and snow may return tomorrow).

Last week I made another Isa Chandra Moskowitz recipe from Isa Does It, Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Penne with Broccoli.  The sun-dried tomato cream sauce gets its creamy base from soaked cashews blended in vegetable broth with sun-dried tomatoes.  Red onion and garlic are sautéed before adding red wine, broccoli, and additional sun-dried tomatoes.  Once the broccoli is tender the cream sauce is added and penne and fresh basil are tossed in to finish off the dish.

IMG_5985This came together quite quickly and easily.  I don’t own a blender so I made the sauce in my food processor, which seemed to work just fine.  The sauce had a nice texture and the sun-dried tomatoes, which were blended in the cashew cream and whole, created a nice flavor profile with the garlic and fresh basil.  That said, this is the first dish from Isa Does It that I found needing something more.  For leftovers, I added some sliced kalamata olives and topped with fresh basil and toasted pine nuts.  Perfection!


Isa Does It Recipes: 14



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