Sweet & Sour Brown Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs

I’ve become a bit bored with soup and salad lunches and in my search for an alternative I found Sweet & Sour Brown Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs in Isa Does It.  OK fine, technically it is called a “salad” and it lives in the Salad chapter of the cookbook, but I prefer to think of it as a fried rice.  Since it is technically a salad, you can make the rice ahead of time (or use leftover brown rice) and simply add in the remaining ingredients for a quick meal.

The dish calls for bean sprouts, scallions, roasted peanuts, mint and cilantro with some beans and a chili lime dressing.  I added some baby corn to mine and used a Thai chili garlic sauce that is fairly spicy, in place of the sweet chili sauce the recipe suggested (recipes are really just suggestions after all, right?);  I served with steamed broccoli.


This made for a satisfying lunch and was a nice change of pace from my usual of late.  The dish could be eaten warm or cold, but I preferred it warm.  The dressing of chili sauce, lime, miso and ginger adds a lot of dimension to the dish while crushed peanuts add texture and makes this reminiscent of a pad Thai flavor profile.



I foresee more rice dishes in my future lunches!  Perhaps I’ll give Isa’s Brussels Sprout Fried Rice a try soon…

Isa Does It Recipes: 15


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