Bistro Beet Burgers

Changing seasons and jobs in collaboration with holidays, graduations and friendly get-togethers have me off schedule with the blog.  I’m trying to get back on track with my weekly posts; I’ll start back with this somewhat belated write-up of my latest Isa Does It recipe pick, Bistro Beet Burgers.  The recipe in full has also been posted on Isa’s Post Punk Kitchen website.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit then you’ll know I really don’t like beets.  Or I thought I didn’t until I fell in love with Fat Free Vegan Susan Voison’s beet balls.  I had tried roasted beets, beet chips, and all the other preparations beet lovers insist are awesome…they taste like dirt to me.  Not a fan.  However, in searching for a whole food meatball I happened upon the beet ball and now I recognize the need for beets in my life – as beet balls.

Back to Bistro Beet Burgers.  I had made my beloved beet balls and had a few beets left in the bunch.  Normally, this just means more beet balls, but I’d eyed the Beet Burger recipe a few times and thought it was time to give it a go.  I typically choose golden beets when I can find them because they are cleaner to work with and the finished product is a more visually appealing to me.










Once the beets are shredded in the food processor, it’s pretty much everyone in the bowl.  The base of the recipe is lentils, brown rice, bread crumbs with thyme, fennel and mustard to season and beets and almond butter to bring everything together.


Even after chilling the mixture for 30 minutes I found it difficult to form into patties.  I had made the rice the day before to save myself some prep time and wondered if that may be the issue but I’ve seen others comment on the mixture being crumbly.  I found wetting my hands as I tried to shape the patties helped somewhat.

These were quite good.  They definitely have a distinctive flavor from the beet and fennel but even I didn’t register dirt.  The texture once cooked is nice and firm, which is often difficult to achieve in whole food plant based burgers.  I enjoyed them and ate them leftover  a number of days but with all my burger options these likely won’t be my go-to.  So far the Falafel Burgers are my favorite Isa Chandra burger.  That said, for a change of pace and to use up my golden beets, I’d definitely make them again.

IMG_6117Give beets a chance!





TShirt from Engine 2

Isa Does It Recipe: 16


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