Olive Lentil Burgers

Things slow down a bit food-wise in the summertime as my cravings sway from casseroles and soups to simple salads and grilled veggies.  Burgers and sandwiches are also go-to summertime fare.  Rather than stick to my same old veggie burger I thought I’d peruse the Isa Does It Handheld section and try something new…enter Olive-Lentil Burgers.  Since transitioning to a primarily whole-foods plant based low-fat diet I find myself craving natural fats more than I ever did as an omnivore; kalamata olives and avocado have become a staple of my diet.  I always enjoyed olives and guac (not together but hmmm) but they are craved, eaten and enjoyed on a regular basis these days.  So, olive-lentil burgers were calling me.

The base of these babies is, as the name suggests, kalamata olives and green lentils.  Cremini mushrooms, onion and bread crumbs pull it all together, while liquid smoke and herbs add a punch of flavor.  These were an easy sell to try (what was I waiting for).  I have already made the Falafel Burgers and the Bistro Beet Burger from Isa Does It with great success.  These live up to their cookbook-mates.  They are simple to prepare…cooked lentils, cooked mushrooms (bad blogger forgot to get a pretty pick of mushrooms and onions in progress), a toss in the food processor, and a stir of the chopped olives.  Why did I ever buy veggie burgers?!

The mixture appears crumbly.


However, they form burgers easily and stay together well.


These are baked in the oven and cook nicely.

IMG_6163These burgers are awesome.  The kalamata olive is the predominant flavor (which I love) and they are visually and texturally appealing.  I topped with grilled onion, fresh tomato, romaine lettuce, banana peppers and romesco spread (stay tuned;).

IMG_6170I would rank these better than the beet burger, though my love of olives may leave me slightly biased.  The falafel burger stands alone as it’s more falafel than burger and will remain a go-to lunch to top my salads.

Isa Does It Recipes: 17



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